Sizzleworks Cooking School

As the creative lead at Sizzleworks Cooking School, I use the existing brand language to create ads to be placed in local magazines, work with the school's owner and the web developer to update the website, and shoot photographs during classes to be used in any and all promotional avenues.

From Sept 2014 through May 2015, the Sizzleworks team worked dilligently to complete a major website redesign and restructuring. The site uses a WordPress backend with a custom built theme by the hands of our talented web developer. She and I worked together to execute the design vision through code. It has been a pleasure to be part of the team, and we are very excited to announce the launch!

Check it out here!

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Great photography is a huge influencer, and we work hard to make sure the photos used on the new website and within the ads are vibrant, dynamic, and inviting. Here is a small sampling of photos I've taken at a handful of classes offered by the school. (Photos taken with an iPhone, Nikon d90, and now going forward a Nikon d5500)

Using the photography from events and classes, I created monthly and quarterly ads for 425 Business Magazine and LUXE magazine. Depending on what kind of ad space is purchased, these ads can range from full spread to 1/3 of a page. These advertisements are important marketing tools to bring new business to the school. The magazines in which they are placed were carefully selected to match the demographic that Sizzleworks targets.