Hey, I'm Lauren
A Seattle-based product designer & artisan pizza enthusiast

Lauren is currently making business travel better @ Egencia


...and probably listening to this

I enjoy being challenged, I'm hungry to learn, and am willfully seduced by empathetic brand experiences. I draw inspiration from my travels, photography and food, in the pursuit of clean systematic beauty. 

As a child my parents constantly encouraged me to continue drawing and painting, and I learned about 3-point perspective and shading by age 4. Then in college I discovered Design, and the bridge between fine art composition and creative problem solving manifested in front of me. I learned how to apply my innate artistc abilities to posters, websites and logos, and over the years I began understanding the importance of The Grid. 

Now I work hard to understand the strategy, motivation, and vision behind solving these problems in order to find better solutions. I've previously worked with T-Mobile, Microsoft, Capital One Investing and Boeing, experiencing dynamic creative environments in vastly different industries. My projects have ranged from brand strategey, to advertising, to product design. I get the big picture, but also enjoy delving into the pixel perfect details to realize that vision.

I love talking design, hockey (Go Blackhawks), travel, and cocktails. Send me a note!